Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Self Defense Saturday Family Safe

It was great to see some new faces participating in Family Safe and Combat Throws and Take downs.

The family safe workshop featured kids working with their parents on identifying "safe strangers", threat recognition, escape and avoidance, communication and target description. The kids worked with the parents to talk about these difficult situation in an open manner.

Pompton Lakes, Wayne and area kids were taught how to resolve conflicts with bullies and larger child predators.

The family safe work shop from The Self Defense Company is available for Schools and organizations. for more information, please contact The Self Defense Training Center at 973-831-0315 or visit us on line at www.theselfdefensetrainingcenter.com

The adults practiced primary combat throws and take downs. These methods were enable you to take your target to the ground with the least amount of effort and training as possible.

Look for more details in the up coming North Jersey Media Papers.

Damian Ross

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