Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Much Crap Do You Actually Need?

Cables, bands, kettle bells, free weights, heavy bags, training dummies, makiwaras, wight machines, dip bars, pull up racks, ropes, tires, bats, sledge hammers, bricks, and dumbbells, and that;s just the stuff in my barn!!! I.m at the gym and I watched them erect the latest and greatest fitness trend the Purmotion Cage. It's pretty cool, it has gymnastic rings and ropes and a whole bunch of pull up bars, all in all it looks like a jungle gym on steroids.
. Heck, the thing looks like it has everything I've constructed in my barn to develop core functional strength for combat. I can't wait to get on it and start playing around. But is all that stuff really necessary?

I have gotten the best results with a pair of running shoes, medicine ball, jump rope and some specific calisthenics. In Module 7 of the SDTS. Look at guys in prison. They go in 120 pound crack heads and come out 200 pound animals. How does a junkie turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger? He's not doing spin or yoga. He doesn't have access to hammer strength or free motion machines. He's not on a raw diet, watching his carbs and eating clean. He's eating government food which as you can guess, isn't of the highest quality.

The point is, you are lead to believe that you need a ton of stuff to get you in shape. Yes, pilates, yoga, purmotion and any physical exercise will do the trick guaranteed, but you don't need all that. What you need is patience and desire.

Training does not have to be complicated.

Even in the Self Defense Training System all you need is something to hit. We give you the simplest, most effective way of training in your home. All you need is some space and you're good to go.

You need to be self motivated.

If you need someone looking over your shoulder, telling you you have to do it, pushing you, you will not last very long. It's one thing to receive instruction, it's another to hire a babysitter. Eventually you will find ways out of training and be back where you started.

The trick is to set side time. Start with 1 hour per day 2 days a week and work up to 5 days per week. On the week ends do something fun and physical for an hour and always take one day off. Understand that there will be some weeks you will miss a bunch of days or even the whole week. No big deal. This happens to everyone, and it's normal. Consistency over time is the key to success in any field and while some claim to say you will see results in weeks, give yourself 90 days. If you workout an hour a day, five days a week for 90 days. Even if you just went for a walk/run for an hour and did that 5 days a week for 90 days you will see incredible results. Of course you need to limit your diet and all that other common sense stuff. I'm not a nutritionist, but I did have a nutritionist write the diet guidelines in the new Self Defense Training System manual.

Training doesn't have to be complicated, just consistent.

Damian Ross
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Penn may not belive in God, but he knows I'm a Bad Ass

So color me "ASS KICKER..."

Last night we appeared on the Penn and Teller Show Bullshit!
Martial Arts Episode where they painted the Self Defense Training System as a brutal, lethal, devastating method that trains you to (and I quote) "beat them 'till their asshole bleeds". This makes the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) seem like a mindless, ruthless brutal kill or be killed system, to that I say..."Guilty as charged".

It's no secret, the SDTS is the most lethal system of self defense in the world Hell we say it right on the website (http://www.theselfdefenseco.com). Just like a firearm, edged weapon or any other tool designed to cause injury to your target, it's to be deployed at the discretion of the user. This is a kill or bee killed system, no bullshit and it should be treated as such. Like firearms or edged weapons you use them when it's for all or nothing. A firearms manufacture doesn't tell you when you should use deadly force and Williams and Sonoma isn't held accountable every time someone gets gutted with a kitchen knife. The decision to use deadly force is yours and yours alone don't let me or a Vegas Magician tell you any different.

During the interview, they asked me if I would be happy if someone took a life using the Self Defense Training System and I said "If you told me that your daughter killed a man who was trying to rape her, I would be extremely happy." Of course they edited out the first part, oh well, that's entertainment.

The Self Defense Training System is NOT a martial art. It's a lethal system of combat. It's not for sparring, it's not for sport or trophies. It's not for internal healing, it's for internal bleeding (his not yours). When it's down to you or him, or worse, the lives of your loved ones are at stake, when running is not an option and you don't have a gun in your hand...now what?

You need to make the choice right now:
1. Sacrifice you life, health and the health and the lives of your family by hedging your bet, playing the odds and praying you never are in that situation.
2. Train your ass off, do the right thing and plan to pay an attorney to defend your righteous actions.

For those who chose option 2 we offer The Self Defense Training System

The Self Defense Training System
is as advertised: the most lethal self defense system in the world. No bullshit, just what works.

Listen, there is no law that exists that says you can't defend yourself. Don't fall for that rhetoric. You have every right to live your life without fear. I can't tell you how it feels to know that if you had to, you could protect the ones you love.

The choice is yours: live in fear or be feared. Hey, even Penn said "They purchased 2 Complete Systems"

Damian Ross
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Win $1000 from The Self Defense Company

This is the latest entry in the "Where's Your Dojo?" Contest. It comes to us all the way from the Czech Republic. Josef and his buddies have been training with the Self Defense Training System for the past several months and the results have been outstanding. Check out his contest entry below.

Think you can do better? Now is the time to prove it. I've got $1000 in my pocket for the best entry that we receive before Midnight December 31st 2010.
I announce the winner on New Years Day 2011.

So don't delay, get your camera, get your crew and let the world know how you train and kick ass with The Self Defense Training System!

Damian Ross
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For contest details visit http://www.wheresyourdojo.com/

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Nothing Works Out the Way You Plan

When novices train in self defense, they look at specifics. When he does that then I do this, for every move I have a counter move. For every strike a block for every hold a release. Experts don't train this way. They focus on logistics, distance and position combined with your personal arsenal (size, strength, weapons, etc). Then they prepare a handful of actual techniques for the worst case scenario.

The experts know there is no way to train for the specifics, when you combine the terrain with the thousands of different ways you can be kicked, punched, stabbed, bludgeoned, shot or strangled, the permutations can go well into the tens of thousands. combined that with the fraction of a second you have to determine what type of attack and then recall a specific defense for that attack, it is impossible to perform this feat under real world conditions.

Experts train to adapt. Apply a small set of common denominator skills to an incredible amount of situations. This is what makes them experts. It's not the amount of knowledge, but the ability to stretch that knowledge a long way. I have seen a lot of incredible people in a variety of disciplines demonstrate a vast array of knowledge on technique but when it came down to performing under real stress, only about 4 to 6 techniques are ever used. You just have to have the experience enough to see or create opportunity while at the same time, know your strengths and weaknesses so you don't find yourself out of position and vulnerable. If you know this about yourself you will be an extremely dangerous person.

Life is no different.

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