Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Safe Finally Released!!

It's been 2 years in the making but it's finally here. The Family Safe Program is the one program can make the most social impact out of all of the SDC programs.

The reason is simple: everyone can implement this easily. Literally without effort families and communities can prevent, escape and avoid an unimaginable tragedy.

The Family Safe Program is unlike anything we've ever done.

I'm proud of it...extremely proud of it.

Today is a good day.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Brady Quinn's Muscles and Mike Cracked His Molar

Today my four year old son informed me he wanted muscles. After looking at Brady Quinn on the cover of muscle and fitness he looked at his arm and looked at Brady and declared "I want muscles."

He also said I don't want those muscles, I want muscles like yours dad.

Now I know what you may be thinking "awe that's cute, he wants to be like his dad or, wow, you're bigger than Brady Quinn (at 24 YES, at 41...no).

His remark was a result of a realization, a moment of clarity. I believe he probably realized that there is a great amount of work that goes into getting Brady Quinn Muscles. He confirmed my suspicion, Brady Quinn's muscles are too big.

Anyway, thanks Junior.

In other goings on, Mike Archangel our director of development missed the weekly meeting because he cracked his molar on a coconut. I don't exactly know what or how a coconut was doing in Uniontown, PA and how it found itself on a collision course with Mike's mouth, but it happened and it did. I look forward to hearing the garbled story when we talk tomorrow.

Damian Ross

Where's Your Dojo Contest entry Kabul Afghanistan

The Self Defense company wants to know "Where's Your Dojo?" The best video gets $1000 in the winner takes all contest. This latest submission is from LtCol Darren Poesel of the USMC. He is training servicemen, woman and contractors with The Self Defense Training System in Kabul.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's your flavored kool-aide?

Can it be that simple? After the last training session with another local police department they were shocked at the effectiveness of two techniques, the edge of hand and the hand yoke.

The men were 10 plus year vets, martial artists and military and still had never seen anything like the program. I'm glad I'm in a position to help the good guys.

But this brings us to the too simple...too good to be true, there has to be something more. But when it comes to self defense...there isn't.

The martial arts model depends on the ability to keep people involved for years and years and invest escalating dollars and an incredible amount of time. I have said time and time again, martial arts is a method of improving yourself from the outside in. 3 Black belts and 8 degrees later, I would be a HUGE hypocrite if I said that martial arts were a waste of time. They are not, as long as you know exactly what you're getting.

1992 saw a huge shift in martial arts in the US. After the first UFC people got a first taste of how effective their training was and the misconception of what they were learning. This is something wrestlers, Judo players, boxers and kick boxers knew all along. The Gracies were the first to do it in the US (kudos there). If judo did this you would have had the same result.

After that point you had a split: the MMA crowd and the Self Defense crowd. MMA, like other sports is easily measured in its effectiveness. You win, you lose, you tap, you don't.

Self defense is not easily measured. You only know for sure if you are attacked and our methods work. This doesn't happen everyday. It is this reason that the rest of the martial arts world can hide behind the self defense label.

Think about this, you're a tae kwon do, kenpo, or karate instructor and you just watched a high ranking practitioner get decimated in the octagon. What do you tell your 200 students who have been training with you for years, spending money hand over fist?

you really only have two choices:
The fighter wasn't that good.
Your art is not meant for sport...it's more deadly than that.

If your a student you will most likely agree since you have invested YEARS and THOUSANDS in your training. You have been literally sipping the proverbial Kool-Aide for years and you are in for a penny, in for a pound.

So you continue to learn complicated, time wasting techniques that have no chance of being recalled in real world scenarios.

Martial arts "success" in the real world is based mostly on urban legend fueled by peoples willingness and need to believe.

The truth about self defense is right in front of you and its never that complicated...the truth never is.

Study martial arts for building your body, sharpening your mind and improving your community.

Damian Ross
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guardian Defensive Tactics: Had to be done

"Officer First Concept"
It does not matter what branch of the military, law enforcement agency or private contractor you're in, your training puts liability first and officer safety second. This is a common though among anyone forced to deal with violence on a regular basis. And why the subjects you deal with have no concern for the consequences they face, you are given constant reminders of what you can and can not do.

With ever traffic stop, every identification check and at every check point, you put your life on the line. When the time comes and the moment of truth arises, you will follow your instinct for survival.

The problem lies here: first, treating physical confrontations like verbal confrontations. While in a verbal confrontation you come in low and slow, a physical confrontation demands that you take control of the situation and you need to let the subject know who is in charge...IMMEDIATELY.

Modern training does not allow this to happen. Officers are not prepared correctly, there instincts tell the techniques they learned will not work.

So what happens? They are left to their own devices and the results are brutal.

It started with Rodney King and has continued to become a problem. since police, military and security are not prepared correctly to take control of a situation the correct way, the effective way- we will continue to see these types of situations time and time again.

No one can change human nature there are good and bad in any profession. But if incidents of resisting can be ended immediately, both the officer and the subject are better off.

The Guardian Defensive Tactics program is exactly how we prepare for the real world, when things do go south.

I want to personally thank the officers who are members of the SDC Guardian Program for helping out these past couple days. Their input was indispensable.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Guardian Defensive Tacics Part One

Day One Morning Before Guardian Defensive Tactics (GDT) Shoot

Over the years I have had the opportunity to train members of law enforcement and military. Unfortunately I always meet them after the incident, a close call where they realized that their training and preparation was inadequate.

So they pay out of pocket and spend their own time to do something about it. This is the purpose of Guardian Defensive Tactics. To give first responders the stuff that works. It is based on an effectiveness basis. The criteria is simple OFFICERS LIFE FIRST.

There is no political correctness, and liability ends when you are attacked...period.

We have repackaged the language to reflect modern red zone, green zone terminology. This way we can present our product to police departments and military institutions across the country with little resistance.

Before today, the training you received was liability based, now it's officer based. I'm looking forward to putting this program together.

Damian Ross
The Self Defense Company

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How About Giving Your Training Dummy a Hand?

Build a better mouse trap, that's what I say. SDC Instructor Dan Neddo has done just that. In his studio he has literally given his training dummy a hand and added a little wrinkle to SDTS instruction.

By using PVC and bungee cords he has added another dimension to his training and instruction

With a pair of old shoes or boots plus a dolly to your training dummy (SEARCH for THE RACK post on this blog to get directions)and you have the greatest training partner of all time. Never late, won't get sick, complain or get hurt.

Create solutions NOT excuses.


Damian Ross
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