Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad Guy Calls Cop's Bluff

The fantasy: A gun solves every self defense situation.
The reality: You can only use a gun if there is "justified use of deadly force".

Every scumbag criminal knows this and will not think twice about resisting or evading when guns are drawn.

In this video the cop pulls his firearm in hopes to scare the shit out of the bad guy. Bad guy knows the cop won't shoot. Bad guy resists and attacks the cop. Now the gun is a deadly liability. This cop is lucky that the criminal only wanted to distract him to escape and not put a severe hurting on him.

In a perfect world, if you resist with any use of force, the officer should have the right to shoot you. Hey, where I come from if the police tell you to freeze, you freeze. The poor cop is actually fighting the guy with one hand while he tries to holster his weapon.

It was later reported that the bad guy had a box cutter and some other paraphernalia, but nothing that couldn't be explained as a "tool" by even the worst public defender.

The department later said the the officer "acted correctly". In my opinion, the officer may have "acted correctly" but is a hell of a lot more lucky than good. This officer is lucky that this guy just didn't beat the living shit out of him, which he is probably regretting right now and the next time he's backed up against the wall, he's going to be damn sure he gets away.

Police Policy and use of force laws have literally sterilized law enforcement. The training and tactics taught are all but useless in the real world. A cops only chance is if he gets an instructor who has been in the real world and teaches "off the book." Seriously, if the officer in this situation did something that would render the bad guy unconscious from the get go, he would have been safe, the store manager would have been safe and the bad guy would have woken up in custody.

This is why the GUARDIAN DEFENSIVE TACTICS POLICE COMBATIVES has become so popular over the past year. Simply because it puts the good guys first and the scumbags second.

I'll say it again, this cop is lucky.

There is a full report on the incident HERE Police Combatives Training Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Martial Arts Training and Police Work

One of the greatest values of martial arts training is learning other people’s physical capabilities when “mixing it up.” Being taken off your feet by a Division I wrestler is an eye-opening experience. Being thrown to the ground eight straight times in various fashions by a guy who is 25 pounds lighter and a head shorter than you is indeed humbling. And rolling with a guy who used to play football on Sundays is just plain scary.

But all these experiences teach invaluable lessons to a Police Officer. First, it shows that going toe to toe with any adversary is a risky proposition. Just think how many people out there possess physical and athletic skills that you do not. Fighting fair in law enforcement is a true roll of the dice. Our job is not a contest of physical abilities. Our job is to win before the other guy even knew it was a fight.

Second, sizing up a bad guy by looks alone is a weak strategy. Assuming big guys can’t be fast and skinny guys can’t be strong is a huge mistake. One of my training partners defines the term “deceivingly strong.” Look at him and you would call him unremarkable. But when you roll with him, he is a beast. I know it is cliché, but underestimating your opponent will get you hurt. So, just hit everyone hard.

Next, it is almost impossible to get a non-compliant subject controlled without striking. Rolling live really exposes the shortcomings of pressure points and joint locks. Even most submissions are difficult to pull off and often compromise your position of dominance. Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement revolve around mindset and the ability to strike. Everything else (throws, ground fighting, cuffing) builds off of that foundation.

Last, fighting is tiring! Nothing tests your wind like trying to move a guy who doesn’t want to be moved. The fatigue factor is tremendous. Now throw in stress and adrenaline!! Studies show that Police Officers who are in excellent physical condition can hit the wall after two minutes in an altercation. You can’t respect your personal fatigue threshold until you have experienced it.

It surprises me how many Officers shy away from physical contact outside of work. The only way to truly prepare is to know (and roll with) who is out there. So get on the mat and have some fun!!!

Ed Kane

Ed is a Detective and Defensive Tactics instructor in New Jersey. He is also a Guardian Defensive Tactics Instructor for The SDC. Police Combatives Training Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Truth About Verbal Judo

Using nonviolent solutions for any conflict should be the goal of every citizen. Methods of verbal judo and other conflict management devices profess to give anyone who employs them the ability to disable any potential attacker with the use of negotiation and persuasion techniques designed to discourage even the most potentially violent offender. The downfall of these methods is that they not only imply, but claim that every day people can diffuse any situation. Imagine, a 110 pound soccer mom talking herself out of being raped by a 6'5", 285 pound sociopath. This notion is beyond fantasy to the point of irresponsible and down right dangerous for the person who thins that they can talk their way out of anything.

These guys can't wait to hear what you have to say!

The idea that you can resolve conflict without fighting or, better yet, not even knowing how to fight or protect yourself is what these methods imply. Kids are taught that bullying is wrong and that bullies can be handled in a nonviolent manner. Adults are lead to believe that they can talk their way out of any situation no matter how dangerous and violent the criminal is. We are all lead to believe that you can resolve conflict without having to resort to violence. In reality, this could not be farther from the truth.

All decisions you make are based on a risk reward decision. Every thing from what to eat for breakfast to what you do at work or who you're going to sleep with is based on risk reward. For example, catching an STD (sexually transmitted disease) doe not sound appealing, but if you were to catch that disease sleeping with Angelina Jolie...well, it just might be worth it.

Criminals operate on the same risk reward function. The criminal and bully risk three things:
The Three Things Every Criminal Fears
1. Being caught
2. Being identified
3. Being injured

The success of verbal judo is directly proportional to the chances of any one of these three things happening to the attacker.

Depending on the payoff or desperation, the criminal will allow a greater risk of these three things to happen. If a bully were to think he was going to get in trouble or get his ass kicked, he would simply move to the next target. The reason you are able to persuade anyone from robbing, raping, killing or bullying you is if you can convince them that one of those three things will happen to them if they chose you as a victim.

This only works if you are believable. The same holds true in the realm of international diplomacy. Do you really think the North Koreans wouldn't be marching in the streets of Seoul if the US wasn't in the mix? People get very diplomatic when they realize that there is a rel potential of physical harm. Like the saying goes, "I get a lot more with a kind word and a gun, than just a kind word."

Verbal judo skills are great for police because, well, they're cops, with guns and back up and jail and lawyers and lock up. What works well for a court appointed, heavily armed member of the law enforcement community might not go over so well for an unarmed housewife from Wichita.

In fact, the whole idea of verbal judo or anti-bullying techniques only works when the potential victim demonstrates to the aggressor that there is a greater chance of one of the 3 things every criminal fears.

Listen, no verbal judo is going to stop a career criminal taking what he wants if he doesn't think something is going to happen to him. The problem is you project your set of morals and ethics to a criminal or a bully. Do you think a junkie is worried about his quarterly review or his final exams? Do you think a bully cares that you're going to be scared?
The reason that criminals and bullies engage in such behavior is because there is something wrong with them. Something in their brain has misfired and caused them to engage in this deviant behavior. Accept the fact that they have abandoned all reasoning.

Deviants are like mean dogs. Normally, a socialized dog is something not to be feared, but a mean dog that has been either abused by Micheal Vick or feral, is something that should be corrected or destroyed. When you see the man dog you don't think to yourself "That looks like my dog at home, maybe if I give him a treat, or pet him, he'll be nice?"
Humans are the same way, most are good because they want to be or have to be, some can be corrected and others have to be destroyed. There is just no reasoning with them. Your first clue that something is wrong with them is that they engage in criminal behavior.

All of your powers of persuasion will only work if you can back it up. This comes from confidence which comes from experience. Experience comes from proper training, preparation and real life situations. The more your prepare, the more confidence you exude. Please don't confuse "confidence" with "bravado". confidence is something that is acquired over time, bravado is something that is manufactured and empty.

Listen. we're all animals at our core and you can't deny your instincts. You can tell when someone looks tough or gives you a "vibe" that they may be a problem. The more you train and the more real life experiences you have the more you become in tune to this. Criminals. living out on the street are very in tune with this. In the marketing for The Self Defense training System [url][/url] we use the saying "BE FEARED". And while to some this may have a bullying connotation, in the street it's all about sending a message to would be predators. We want them to fear you. It's an attitude that is required when dealing with a segment of society that has decided not to play by the rules. we're not talking about scaring friends, family members and co-workers (OK, maybe a little), we're talking about taking the power back. The power of fear.

Bad people don't understand reasoning, they understand fear. Don't sell me the "hooker with a heart of gold". Criminals will say and do anything in order to satisfy their deviant wants and desires. I have a few friends and acquaintances over the years who work in Special Victims Units and catch people trying to procure 8 year old girls for their sick, perverted needs. These sub-humans think they are talking to the father of the child in hopes of taking custody of the child so they can "raise them" like Elizabeth Smart or Jaycee Dugard. How do you think their moral compass works? Do you think these people have the same thoughts that you have?

You can study all the verbal judo and take all of the anti-bullying seminars you want, but it's not going to do you lick of good if you can't back up what your saying by increasing the potential of the 3 things ever criminal fears: Identified, Caught or Injured.

Diplomacy begins with building up your military forces not diplomats.

Until next time, Train Honestly,
Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Win $1000 from the Self Defense Company Contest Submissions!! (So far)

The following are the latest video submissions for the 2010 Where's Your Dojo contest!! The person who submits the winning video will receive $1000 from the Self Defense Company. We're going to crown the winner in January 2011.

For details on how you can get your gnarled hands on $1000 US go to the "Wheres Your Dojo" Contest Page HERE

This submission is from LtCol Darren Poesel of the USMC. He is training servicemen, woman and contractors with The Self Defense Training System in Kabul. At present, Darren in back in the sandbox again. God speed and come home safe Colonel.

This contest submission is from Vince Veloso training in the Self Defense Training System in New Jersey. Vince is a longtime martial artists and SDTS practitioner as well as a kick ass jazz musician.

This is Josef Prochazka from the Czech Republic. He's another longtime Self Defense Training System Practitioner who put together a small training group at his home.

Finally...a teaser from Gunther:

Gunther is a BIG fan of The Self Defense Training System. He lives on a farm in South Africa where he trains and speaks his mind....a lot (just look at his facebook posts on the SDC fan page). He's been with the SDTS for about a year and to tell the truth, between the simplicity and ease of use of the SDTS and the intensity and desire that Gunther trains with, it looks like he's been doing it for years. We should have his "official submission in a few days.


Voting will go like this, once all of the videos are in (the goal is 50 total or mid to late January) we will make an announcement to go to facebook and like your favorite videos. The one with the most likes at the end of a weeks time wins.

It's that simple.

If you think you can do better than what you see here, grab a camera (or even your phone) and put something together that's 1 to 4 minutes in length that demonstrates how you train and what the Self Defense Training System has done for you.

For Details go to the WHERES YOUR DOJO? Contest page HERE. The link is

I look forward to seeing your submission.
Until next time, Train Honestly,
Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

VIDEO-Improvised Black Jack- Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company
Self Defense Training System, Module 11 "Old School Weapons and Tactics" Preview

This clip was inspired by Module 11 of the Self Defense Training System titled "Old School Weapons and Tactics". In this clip Damian Ross of The Self Defense Company converts a few simple household items into a devastating impact weapon. Using a simple bandanna and a weighted object, in this case some steel nuts or a weight from a balloon display, you can have an incredibly effective impact weapon. We have used used everything from fishing weights, loose change to ball bearings and it all works well.
Sure you can do this many other items like a sock for example. But it's a lot easier to explain why your carrying a bandanna easier than it is a sock. If you're in law enforcement it's a good idea to store this type of thinking in the back of your head.

Most times the best weapons aren't even weapons at all. In Module 8 of the SDTS "Weapons Defense" we show you a plethora (thank you "Three Amigos") of weapons that you can pick up at your local hardware store. It doesn't have to be "combat certified" to do severe damage. Any number of hand tools are extremely lethal if used in the correct manner. This is something to keep in mind when you're thinking of home defense. A lot of people will go through great lengths to secrete various weapons throughout their homes. This s fine, but many times they will pass perfectly good tools to get to the one they've hidden. One exercise you can do is when you walk into a room, look for something that can be used as a weapon. Mark it's location and imagine how that weapon could be implemented. It's real simple and takes only seconds.

There are many states and countries that outlaw certain types of weapons. If you live in a place that outlaws pepper spray, wasp and hornet repellent makes a great substitute. The point is, restricting weapons NEVER stops men from dong evil to one another. For every new law, the criminal has figured out 10 ways around it. Remember the "Club". That device that locked your car's steering wheel into position? It took the car jacking world 5 seconds to figure out that if you cut the car's steering wheel with a hack saw, the club popped right off.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It works for booth good and evil.

Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tough Mudder Challenge- Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

Listen, I know I should seem like I'm over the top personally, but I'm really not. Let's just say, I believe everything I write 100%, but I'm pretty low key and the image you get when you think "EXTREME SPORTS" is mountain dew drinking, bungee-base jumping, snow board skate boarding slackers who like to smoke pot and listen to Green Day. On the other hand, unlike other runners and triathletes I don't "MONITOR MY CALORIC INTAKE", I eat. I don't "CARB UP", I eat more Pasta, Bread and Oat Meal, I don't "HYDRATE", I drink f$%ing water. I didn't start running long distance races and doing challenges to do nothing other than challenge myself.

Over the past year a new challenge has come on the horizon and is starting to get noticed by extreme sports enthusiasts and tri-athletes alike. It's called the Tough Mudder. It is a 6 to 12 mile obstacle course designed to push the limits of nerve and endurance. It is inspired by British SAS training and bills itself as the Toughest Race on the Planet.

In the end it was challenging but I wouldn't go as far as calling it tougher than an Iron Man Triathlon or the God Awful Survival of the Shawangunks race . But it has it's moments.

I just ran the 12 mile tristate tough mudder on Saturday, November 20th in English town and I have to say, it was damn cold. There is no need to do that much swimming in late November in NJ. Not sober anyway.

This is us before the race. A former Ranger, two marathon runners and me. This is before we realized what we got our selves into.

The first obstacle- The Two Rope Bridge.
They said it was really the "second" but what they called an obstacle I called "making us run in the water for no reason other than to call it an obstacle.

This is us climbing on to the "Walk The Plank". I renamed this obstacle to the "Spirit Breaker". Allow me to elaborate. You had to rope climb on to the obstacle then voluntarily jump 15 plus feet into 20 feet of dark, murky, freezing water. Now if you have never experienced this before, it's a hell of a thing. First, you want to do what they call a life guard dive. Which is basically a way to hit the water so your head only goes a few inches below the surface. Apparently a few people on our team didn't get that memo. If you have never been in freezing water or dark, murky water (so dark that you can't see the sunlight from 6 inches below the surface) the experience can be a little "unnerving". When you hit the water, all of the air in your lungs is expelled and your heart seems to stop from the thermal shock of the water. Next, you open your eyes, it's black and you are completely disoriented. You may think you will know where the surface is, but trust don't. You have to chill out and start to float a little bit, then start swimming. One of our team mates thought he could propel himself off of the bottom, but when his feet stuck in the muck and slowly released him, he hightailed it to shore.

Note to Tough Mudder Staff "Put rescue and support in the water." More than a few people needed assistance in the water. One of our team mates as well as others, needed assistance and if it wasn't for us and fellow racers there would have been some major problems.

This is a shot I took of the "Spirit Taker" while experiencing the first stages of hypothermia. See the people standing on top of the obstacle? It was there bright idea to help the people drowning by lowering a rope that stopped about three feet above the water. I'd like to thank the others who helped us fish our friend and other racers out.

As if the drowning experience wasn't enough, to add a little insults to injury we had to swim under these barrels before making it to shore.

Oh look we get to swim again. After a short half mile jog, it was back into the freezing water for a short 100 yard swim.

And finally..MUD!!! Well at least we're not drowning. This was about a 300 yard push through the mud. of the 12 mile course about 6 miles of it was mud. Quote of the day, "Chicks in France are are paying top dollar for this stuff." (Thank You Bill Murray).

The brochure said 60 foot cargo net. I don't know who measure these things by if these are 60 feet tall then I have a 12 foot C!@#$.

Yes, they made us crawl under barbed wire (with safety wire of course).

They don't call it Tough "MUDDER" for nothing. The guy in the picture with me is Kobie Jackson. He's the one who wrote and performs all of the music on The Self Defense Training System. See, even musicians with the SDC kick ass. (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

There were about 12 other obstacles that included scaling 10 foot walls, crawling through 20 foot tunnels, 50 yard fire walk which was really more like a "smoke walk" which gave you ZERO visibility with the real prospect of tripping into a burning bail of hay and finally the "electric shock" run. This was the mystery obstacle and could have been left out entirely since it served no real purpose other than causing an involuntary "FUCK!!!" out of my mouth when I was shocked. Picture a pergola with wires hanging from it. You can

The upshot is, the Tough Mudder was a good experience and I will be doing it again. It is a lot more interesting than a marathon and it fosters team spirit. I like the fact that they didn't keep time and encouraged others to help fellow racers out. Other than a few safety issues which I'm sure will be tweaked, if you can do it. Run, do body weight exercises and life. Remember, you can "OPT OUT" of any obstacle. No one notices and no one cares.

The after shot.

Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

VIDEO- Defense vs. Rear Naked Choke (standing) Damian Ross, The Self Defense Co...

This clip is an out take from the raw footage from Module 4 of The Self Defense Training System titled "Defense vs Mugs and Holds." In this segment we talk about the realities of being strangle in the real world. The first thing you should understand is that if your attacker knows what he is doing and is capable of executing it, no defense in the world s going to save you. If trained Properly in this type of attack (as seen in Module 12 of The Self Defense Training System) there is no defending it. The same holds true for any attack or situation. If you are going to think you're going to wait until after a professional boxer starts swinging to defend yourself, you're going to wake up in the ER.

The majority of martial artists believe that just because you know a "counter technique" to something that means you can defend it or worse, you feel you re impervious to that particular attack. This could not be farther from the truth.

We know from our experience and more important than us, basic tactics of combat, that the person who initiates the attack has a much greater chance of success than the person being attacked. It is only when the person being attacked can withstand the initial assault and when the attacker has made a mistake in his attack that you have a real shot at defending yourself. Then you must react in a way that changes the momentum of the assault in your favor. As with all situations, you must maintain your balance and immediately launch a counter offensive to turn the tide in your favor.

Always Attack The Man!!! This is the mantra of The Self Defense Training System. Of course when you're being choked to death or when there's a knife at your throat, you have to deal with it, but your focus is on the man, not the attack. In Module 8 of the Self Defense Training System we go into this in depth, but the bottom line is, the fight is not over until the threat is stopped. I can always tell the level of experience when I get comments like "you have to control the weapon." Here's a news flash: the weapon could lay on the floor for a million years and not hurt a soul. It's only until some maniac picks it up and starts waiving it around that it becomes a problem. The equation here is Weapon = no problem. Weapon + Maniac = problem. Eliminate the manic and there isn't any problem. Second, if you get stabbed or shot you do not instantly die. Google knife attack survivor image. You'll see a whole host of nasty pics of people sliced up who survived. Getting stabbed or shot wile you're beating the crap out of someone is a whole lot different than getting stabbed and shot while you're being killed. There are dozens of modern day stories or regular people who have had no prior training, surviving an armed attack. It is always your best bet to end the person attacking you and move past the initial contact as quickly as possible.

I know I went off on a tangent, but oh well, that's just me.

Until next time,

Until next time, Train Honestly,

Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

VIDEO "It Doesn't Matter" Ground and Pound with Damian Ross, The Self Defense ...

Some people ask, "Well what if he covers?...we say: It Doesn't Matter!!!" when the guy covers because it's only a matter of time until he's knocked out.

This clip comes from Module 3 of the Self Defense Training System. Once you have someone on the ground or for that matter on the defensive in any position it should only be a matter of time until they're out cold. The clip is titled "It Doesn't Matter" Ground and Pound because I say "it doesn't matter" about 20 times in the 2 minute clip.

Listen, I don't care what you know or what you think you know, if you're on the ground and the guy is beating the snot out of you, if he knows anything about street fighting, you're done like dinner. Sure we teach covers and tactics for you to do from the bottom in hopes that he smashes his fists on your elbows and head or just punches himself out, but if he knows how to REALLY FIGHT, you've got some problems. If you're unarmed and he has a friend or's lights out. Anyone who tells you different is full of crap.

On the flip side, if you're training in the SDTS (Self Defense Training System) you will, with out a doubt, be able to finish the fight on your terms. Because..."it doesn't matter" if he covers, he can cover as much as he wants, because as soon as your edge of hand hits the bones and muscles of his arms, he won't be able to hold his cover for very long. When you pry at his cover with your free hand to make an opening, he won't be a problem.

Listen, don't over think this stuff. It's not a chess match, it more like a drag race and the guy who gets there first without blowing up wins.

Until next time, Train Honestly,
Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

VIDEO-Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company - Elbow Conditioning

This elbow conditioning drill comes from Module 6 of the Self Defense Training System called "Body Conditioning". This type of training has been used by almost every culture who has systemized method of empty hand combat. Over the years it was safer and easier to give combatants protective equipment, but in the real world you're not afforded that luxury, so you better prepare your body's natural weapons for the harsh environment of real world self defense. In Module 6, Damian shows you how to condition every (and we mean EVERY) part of your body to withstand the abuse of hitting and being hit.

You should be aware that this type of conditioning is the most overlooked type of conditioning in all the martial arts and self defense. The reason is simple: it hurts and if it's done incorrectly will cause severe injury. In module 6 of The Self Defense Training System you will be taken through a progression of drills that when done correctly will yield incredible results.

Enough of the sales pitch, forgive me, I've been writing ads all morning and it's embedded in my brain. Normal conditioning happens when you spar, grapple and train with your dummy, but to really take it to the next level, you want to start getting into this extreme conditioning. BTW, I know the word extreme is played out, but it's the best way to describe this training.

I should also mention that when you hit bricks, wood and iron, something happens to you psychologically that makes hitting flesh, bone and muscle not so intimidating.

Until next time, Train Honestly,

Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Damian Ross VIDEO: The SDTS Ground and Pound

The REAL combative "ground and pound". The ground and pound in MMA and ground and pound in the real world are a little different. In this clip Damian Ross of The Self Defense Company shows you what to avoid in a real life ground and pound scenario from Module 3 of the Self Defense Training System "Ground fighting for keeps.

The first problem with MMA ground and pound is simple, you have gloves, wraps and a soft mat beneath you. In MMA a straight punch is protected while in the street your unprotected fist can hit bone, ground or the hard concrete shattering knuckles and breaking wrists. To avoid this you want to condition your hands to deliver the strikes, use parts of your hands that can handle abuse like the edge of your hand or the heel and finally delver your strikes in more of an arcing trajectory. The edge of hand and hammer fist do this naturally while the heel of hand and fore fist must be trained a bit.

The other issue with the MMA ground and pound is that in the ring and in practice, you are trained to stop before your opponent is knocked out. This is done for safety reasons (as it should be) but you may literally "punch your self out" or punch yourself tired before your target is no longer a threat. With the combative or Self Defense Training System (SDTS) ground and pound you will train to move your target's cover and expose the real knock out targets before you get too exhausted. Because every one who's been there will tell you, your adrenaline will drain your energy in seconds, not minutes. You need to get your target under control, as fast as possible. Multiple threats and the real chance of your target being armed are your primary concerns. The longer the fight lasts, the worse it is for you.

I should mention that the preferred method for finishing a downed target is with your feet. But due to the realities of what really happens, it is hard to get past the impulse to mount your enemy and finish him the old school yard way.

Until next time, Train Honestly,

Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Damian Ross VIDEO- The Self Defense Company Black Jack Billy Club combination 1

Up until the early 80's the black jack billy club was a favorite among law enforcement and bad guys alike. it's easily carried, concealed and incredibly brutal. The construction is simple, a lead weight welded to a spring and wrapped in leather. You can pick them up for less than $20.00 and is a personal favorite. The Black Jack is featured in Module 11 of the Self Defense Training System titled "Old School Weapons and Tactics". .

Is it effective? It works like magic. No joke, the black jack is like black belt in a bottle. It is scary how much damage it inflicts. Even when you ht non-lethal targets areas like the arms or hands the pain is excruciating. When you need to get someone's attention a quick flick on their wrist will be enough to buckle the average man's knees. So please use extreme caution when working with the black jack.

Years ago when I first started training with the black jack, I took it to my work out area and started using it on the training dummy. As I got warmed up, my workout got a little more intense, so much in fact that the black jack bounced off of the rubbery surface of the training dummy and cracked yours truly in the head. When came to my senses, my head was throbbing. I picked myself up off the floor, dusted off and realized two things. First, the black jack is no joke. Even off a deflected strike t had enough juice to put me down. Second, you must train with your weapon on a target that you can hit, stab or shoot. Imagine if that was in the real world and I clocked myself in the head. I would be as dead as Elvis. Training with live blades, impact weapons and firearms on realistic targets trains you to position your body in a particular way in relation to the weapon. Especially with edged weapons and impact weapons. The trajectory of the stab or strike changes slightly with the prospect of getting any sort of blow back from the weapon. You be come extremely aware of this with knives and other edged weapons.

If you're gong to carry a weapon, any weapon from pepper spray to firearms, it is foolish that you don't at least try it a few times to understand how it works and feels. Don't make the first time you use t when your life is on the line, because, at the risk of sounding corny, it could be your last.

Until next time, Train Honestly,

Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Friday, October 22, 2010

VIDEO-Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company, Yawara Stick Combinations

This yawara stick combination comes from Module 11 of the Self Defense Training System titled "Old School weapons and Tactics". The yawara stick originated in Japanese jujutsu and reached it's peak in modern day popularity in the 1940's when it was used for police work. The stick itself can be made out of a variety of materials and have different end shapes varying from sharp and pointed to smooth and round. The stick is not illegal to carry and when made of wood is easy to transport. It is and EXTREMELY effective tool for focusing the power of your strikes and dramatically increases the penetration of damage into your target. Even strikes to the body, arms and legs are tremendously painful. The stick can also be used n grappling situations to create space and cause extreme pain to your target as seen in Module 11 of The Self Defense Training System.

This types of weapons are incredibly easy to obtain and carry. Even a close ASP baton can be used in this manner. Anything that is hard and a little larger than the width of your hand can be...oh, that didn't sound right. You know what I mean. You don't have to get all tactical to "make" one. They're cheap anyway, this one cost all of $10.00.

The next important point I want to stress is that the body mechanics for use of the weapon remain the same, this is true for all of the weapons used in the Self Defense Training System. This is deliberate by design since it is in efficient, impractical and ineffective to train different body mechanics for different weapons when under stress you can only recall a handful of gross motor skills. The SDTS in this way is modeled after Japanese Jujutsu. Where jujutsu and even judo were based on the sword, the Self Defense Training System is based on Module 1, Essential Self Defense . Once those core moves are mastered, it is easy to move through the program. This is what has been proven to work time and time again. Learning a basic skill set and adapting it to any situation is the method of training that has the highest success rate in the field. It doesn't matter if you're in calculus class or on the football field. It's the person who understands the basics and how to adapt the basics quickly and easily to each situation that wins the day.

Until next time, Train Honestly,

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VIDEO-Close Combat Stick Fighting Drill - Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

This drill comes from Module 9 of the Self Defense Training System, "Weapons Offensive Tactics". In this clip, Self Defense Company CEO, Damian Ross demonstrates a simple yet devastating opening combination with the short stick or club.

n close combat it is much more effective to use the club with a two handed grip as seen in the video than what's normally taught. In fact, unless you are swinging a bat, axe handle or lead pipe, swinging the club is only advisable in a handful of situations. You don't need to be Rodney King to realize that there is not a lot of knock out power in swinging a night stick. Will it hurt, YES, will it eventually stop you, sure, but is it the most powerful and effective, absolutely not. Add to the equation that modern impact weapons designed for law enforcement lack any significant weight to supply enough knock down power. Weapons like the ASP are more designed for comfort instead of performance. Officers were tired of having to remove and replace their night sticks in their belts every time they entered and exited the cruiser.
Hey, I'm not saying they don't hurt, but when you're faced with a drug induced or emotionally disturbed person you are not gong to be happy.

There is a reason riot squads around the globe still use these types of two handed techniques, they work. Now they have even replaced the club with the riot shield (a little more humane) but the same combative movement and tactics none the less.

The reason two handed techniques work so well is simple, you can put more body weight and power behind the strike and the obvious reason is at close range t s impossible to swing the club at all. In Module 9 of the self defense training system we show you how to use the club in grabs, holds and even round situations. Nothing fancy, just what works.

Until next time, Train Honestly,

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

VIDEO- 3 Count Chop Drill from the Guard

This drill comes from Module 3 of the Self Defense Training System "Ground Fighting for Keeps". In this clip Damian Ross, CEO of the Self Defense Company demonstrates how to train these strikes that will enable you to shift the momentum of the fight in your favor and improve your position from the guard.

Submission are nice and work, but other than strangles from your target's back, there is not a submission or a position where a capable target could not strike, bite or gouge you. In module 3 you see how simple and vicious unarmed methods will enable you to improve your position and escape. Imagine what you would do in the street tried a triangle choke on you. While they're getting you to submit, you will be eviscerating them when you bite there inner thigh or genitals. Hey, do I really want to bite someone in the nuts? Of course not, but if taking a bite in the families jewels is the difference between me going home or going to the morgue, I'm going to do what I have to do. Make the choice NOW and NOT THEN.

In module 9 "Weapons Offensive Tactics" we show you how easy it is to use weapons, especially edged weapons in a ground fight scenario. I don't know why every women in the world does not have at least 4 to 6 edged weapons concealed about their bodies. In module 9 we show you the many places and ways to conceal and carry edged weapons.

The sleeve dagger (pictured on the left) is an excellent tool and one of the many places to conceal a weapon. One in each sleeve is ideal since one arm may get pinned or injured. Most martial arts systems demand that you fight your opponent unarmed. They may not demand it, but they will not offer any other training that even suggests using a weapon. The notion of ignoring weapons is naive, foolish and down right stupid. Weapons are tools, not to be depended on, but are an integral part of your personal protection arsenal. If you're a 110 pound woman pinned down by a 220 pound man you are in for a world of hurt. But if you were properly trained in weapons training you would DEFINITELY survive and win against KING KONG!!! If you are properly armed and trained, Royce Gracie doesn't stand a chance. The point is, ground fight and grappling are worthy pursuits but still fall under the sports category and need to be treated as such.

Truth be told, give me an MMA, wrestler, BJJ, Judo, Sambo, or whatever fighter and put them up against someone who has trained in module 3 and module 9 of the Self Defense Training System, they wouldn't stand a chance in real world conditions. I say this not to boast, but to make you think about scope and purpose of training. The SDTS practitioner only cares about ending the fight by whatever means necessary while the MMA expert is operating under conditioning restricted by rules. On the flip side and SDTS practitioner would not fare well in the cage for the same reason, purpose and scope of training.

The notion that my style is better than your style is almost ludicrous when you start to ask yourself what was your style developed for? All modern martial arts were developed for nationalism, exercise, sport and profit. Not self defense.

WOW, I really went off there for a bit...sorry about that. Anyway, the point of this drill as described in the video is to get him to stop beating the hell out of you, just long enough for you to either pull him towards you in a reverse strangle or kick him off you with your legs. In a real fight on the ground you always look to better your position. If he's hitting or stabbing you, get him to stop. If you're in the mount, get to the guard, if you're in the guard get to your feet. Always strive to improve your position and don't waste time and energy trying to end the fight from the ground unless it's presented to you on a silver platter.

Until next time, Train Honestly,

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble...

I received a comment on the Double Forearm Shiver video regarding my previous training and experience for the reason why the techniques I execute look as polished as they do. The person who sent the comment was respectful and well meaning so I will treat him with the utmost respect because his assumption is one that most martial artists make.

His comment is as follows:
Although I agree that traditional martial arts training does not prepare for real world attacks, they are an important element of it.

Your ability to bring out the best of your close combat techniques are mainly due to talent and skills acquired in your prev martial arts training. Your execution of throws, submissions and heck even the "chop" are all neatly done, and one can tell your training before it.

I started with close combat training and moved on to krav maga and now traditional martial arts. It is just good to explore all areas.

Thiam Yeng

What your seeing has little or nothing to do with my past training and more and everything to do with athleticism and my current training. Many martial artists miss this point and tend to justify what they teach as a reason for my proficiency in The Self Defense Training System. First of all, let's get one thing straight, I developed and founded the Self Defense Training System and if I don't look good doing it, we have a problem. If Tony Bennett can't sing "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" there's a problem. Second I have been training people in this method for over 12 years and counting. You can even see some of them on the SDC Youtube Channel.

The Self Defense Training System is not a martial art. It is a defensive tactics training program. It's purpose is to train anyone to be the best prepared for real world self defense in the shortest amount of time. Anything else in gravy. It is clear you have chosen to make martial arts a hobby and possibly a lifestyle choice. That's great, but it's not essential for self defense.

What will save you in the street is 10% physical, 90% mental (I have an email blast from one of our Instructors, LtCol Darren Poesel USMC going out in a few minutes). The problem martial artists face regarding self defense are a few.

First and foremost, the business model for martial arts demands that customers stay involved as long as possible. In order to do that, more and more techniques are added to extend student involvement. Sport and competition are also used as a means of extending student enrollment but not as much as you think since a very small percentage (in my 9 years of running schools, less than 10% of students ever competed).

The second issue is that the techniques are there, but lost in the volumes of other techniques you are forced to learn. In Tae Kwon Do for example you learn volumes of technique, yet in sparring you may only use 5 or 6. And they are usually the same techniques everybody else is using. What separates the good from the bad are speed, power, timing and instinct...ATHLETICISM combined with good training guidance and GREAT TRAINING PARTNERS. The techniques are the tools, what makes a champion a champion is the aforementioned factors plus....ATTITUDE!!! On the elite levels of sport it's 10% physical 90% mental.

Look Thiam, at the end of the day the reason my chops look so good is because I've done about 10,000 of them in my life time. If you want to be good at something, you train it and practice it. If I want to be good at soccer, I don't practice basketball. If you ant to be good at self defense you train in The Self Defense Training System , not a traditional martial art or anything else. If you want to be proficient in close quarters combat, focus on those skills and spend the other time running and lifting weights. I have literally trained thousands of people in this manner of the last two decades and it's always been the same: Some people have a natural gift, some need to work harder at it. But unlike sports and martial arts, anyone with the desire can learn to protect themselves. It's basic and natural, not convoluted and complex.

Thanks for your comment, and as always Train honestly,
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

VIDEO- Double Forearm Shiver Stops Him Dead in His Tracks- Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

Waiting to be touched by a felon. Martial arts and self defense systems train you to wait. When you're training grabs and holds in the dojo it always looks like this: Partners get next to each other, attacker grabs defender, defender does prescribed attack. Then you get in a circle and one by one you get attacked by people who know two things: what you're going to do and how they are going to react. Everything works and you look like a kung fu rock star.

In the real world...attacker grabs defender and proceeds to punch, kick, stab and bludgeon the snot out of defender immediately. You think you will have time to react, but this is the cold hard truth you must come to grips with. As soon as your grabbed, it's almost over. The bad guy has a plan, you don't. By the time (seconds) you figure out what type of attack it is, they will be outlining your body with chalk. Your mind does not work the way you think it will work when you are stressed. Think about the times you are extremely tired in training, where all you can is basic strikes...that's more like the real world when you're under a real attack.

Point of note: the initial attack only PREEMPTS THE REAL ASSAULT. That grab of the collar or the sleeve is only meant to distract you or pin you down for the follow up. The fact of the matter is, that initial grab is inconsequential. But it's the initial grab that "experts" focus on, we say, forget the initial attack and always "Always Attack the Man!"

This technique in this video comes from Module 4 of The Self Defense Training System titled "Defense vs. Mugs and Holds". In this video, Damian Ross of the Self Defense Company demonstrates the double forearm shiver, designed to stop and shock your attacker when he gets too close. The problem with other systems is that they train you to wait to be attacked and then they train you to focus on the initial attack.The Real issue is that the initial grab is what preempts the actual attack. In most cases the initial grab is only meant as a distraction or a way to pin you down and set up up for the real, follow up attack. This double forearm shiver is one of many tactics from Module 4 that enable you to react in an extreme close range before it's too late.

Train your instinct. When someone gets to close you have to be sensitive to this and react immediately by either moving or attacking. If you tell them to move and they don't, now you have no choice but to act. By act I mean blast them into the stone age.

I can't tell you how many specific defenses I was forced to learn earning my black belts. I literally have sat in the middle of a group of attackers literally hundreds of times. They would come in and in true dojo-Hollywood fashion I would dispatch them one by one. Hell, I even won trophies doing it. But when I reflected my current training against my real world experiences they didn't match up. The real world was fast and frustrating. It was surreal in nature and over before I knew it. That's why when I discovered the Self Defense Training System, I knew it would work and I have a secret for you...(it really does).
I discovered that 90% of what I learned for self defense through my previous training could be shit-canned. I simply chalked my time up to experience. I made a lot of great friends (even met my wife)and discovered the training that would lead to The Self Defense Training System through my martial arts training, so I definitely got my money's worth. Sometimes you have to go through a whole lot of BS until you can identify the truth.

Until next time, Train Honestly,
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VIDEO- How to Develop Core Throwing Power, Damian Ross of The Self Defense Company

This installment of "This Old Ass Kicker" (working title). Hell, I have to name these things something and it has to have a hook. I digress... this clip is an exercise from Module 10 Combat Throws and Take Downs. Before I start, I want to say something about "Throwing" in the street. It's an extra. Knocking a man cold with a strike is clearly the most efficient and easiest way to knock someone's "dick in the dirt". A knock out blow happens in a fraction of second while submissions take seconds and even a minute until the guy's out cold. Longer if you want him to stay that way. Getting someone to tap in the dojo is FAR EASIER than putting someone to sleep in the street. But if you look to further your study of self defense, submissions, throws and take downs give you some options. Especially if you are in law enforcement or security where you are required to apprehend a target. In the civilian world, special circumstances not withstanding, there's little need for submissions or take downs since according to law, you should be fighting for your life or looking to escape.

Though I must admit, throwing someone in competition or in the real world is pretty cool. There's nothing like taking another human body and hurling it through the air and when that body out weighs you by 50 to 100 pounds it's extremely exciting. I remember years ago, my Yonezuka Sensei, then 69 years old, was watching practice when a student who looked all of 300 pounds was looking for a partner. Yonezuka (Yone) suggested to one of the ranked players (a 220 pounder) to go with the 300 pound giant. The 220 pounder said no, that he was hurt ans didn't want to risk injury. Yone's reaction was priceless. At 180 and almost twice the 220 fighter's age, he got on the mat with the 300 pounder and launched him with ippon seionage. He might as well have just called the 220 pounder a pussy.

One of the exercises Yone had my do to develop that single shoulder throw was this weight sled pull. we feature this drill (and may others) in Module 10 of The Self Defense Training System.

The throws you use for combat are limited and simple. Sport has expanded the development of throws where the object is to get your opponent down on a matted surface and gain a dominant position with little regard for going to the ground yourself. The perfect combat throw takes your target to the ground while you remain on your feet. In Module 10 of The Self Defense Training System we go through the do's and don'ts of which throws to use and why. More important we show you which throws to avoid and for what reason.

For example, a double leg take down is a great technique for MMA and wrestling but not your first option for the street. First of all, it has a huge potential to put you underneath your target. In wrestling and in MMA, many time the opponent sprawls and buries your face in the mat. Rubbing your face, elbows and knees on the mat stinks, but smashing them on the concrete just plain sucks. Also, it automatically limits your mobility and forces you to be locked up with one single target for an extended period of time. You must always assume your target has friends. I had an experience where I took a guy down and was about to apply the old ground and pound when a few of his buddies did not like how the fight was going. The next thing I knew I was getting pummeled with kicks and punches. I was lucky to get out of there intact, I was glad to see the police.

Lesson learned. Hey, shit happens and yes, sometimes you do end up in some hairy situations but you never choose them. Never choose the ground, never put yourself in a bad position intentionally. In The Self Defense Training System you have a set of protocol that ingrains the tactics in your technique. There is a strict protocol to follow regarding the hierarchy of technique.

The following list is based on effectiveness, ease of use and time in training to be mastered.
1. Firearms
2. Edged weapons
3. Impact weapons
4. Sprays and foams (for escape)
5. Alarms (for escape)
6. Strikes
7. Take downs
8. Strangles
9. Joint submissions/dislocations
10. Throws

What the difference between a throw and a take down? A throw requires more hip movement and technique while a take down does not. In Module 10 of The Self Defense Training System you will see throws like the single side shoulder throw and the hip throw as well as take downs like the hockey take down and the bulldog take down.
Take downs are a lot easier to master as you can see from the list above.

In law enforcement where a group must subdue one, the take downs are your only option and throws are simply out of the question.

Train as much as you can, but keep your priorities straight. Look at the above list and move forward when you can do the previous skills proficiently.

Until next time, Train Honestly,
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What if you shoot him...and he keeps coming!!

What if you empty you're gun in him and he keeps on coming? This was the main topic of conversation on my interview with right wing, conservative talk show host Pat Campbell.

Pat is a firearms enthusiast but realized the inherent issues with depending 100% on a firearm. They misfire, you miss and even if you hit your target like the officer did on the blog post "A gun and pepper spray couldn't stop him!.

This HUGE misconception is that you shoot him, he falls over. We can thank Hollywood for creating this fantasy which I have personally reenacted in my backyard as a kid about 1,000 times. You get shot, you die instantly. You can also file that one next to, car hits something, car blows up.

A firearm is only part of the answer and is a tool meant to be used in a complete personal defense package. The answer obviously starts with self defense and self defense begins with having a plan. The criminals have a plan. A good street fighter has a plan or more to the point a method he uses to distract you, hurt you and get what he wants from you. You better have a plan and a line in the sand.

The line in the sand

When is the time to fight. Tactically this issue is simple. We detail that in Module 1 of The Self Defense Training System. . Morally that decision is up to you. Do you fight over a dime, or do you give up your wallet? The law also leaves this decision up to you. You have the right to protect yourself when you feel your life is endangered and the person threatening you has the means and has indicated intent (check local laws, I'm not a lawyer I only send their kids to college).

You decide what's worth fighting for, I only supply you with the means and the tactical GREEN LIGHT.

What Pat loves about the program is that it was exactly what it claimed to be "The most lethal self defense in the world." It's no a martial art, only the lethal methods and tactics. It's true that you can find the techniques in a lot of martial arts. Even the new Marine Martial Arts program has a lot of the methods of The SDTS. The problem is three fold.

First problem, you have to learn so much other crap that these methods get lost in the sauce. It's like going to a football coach to learn how to block and tackle and he starts teaching you zone coverage defense in 3rd and long situations. All you need is what works in the street, what you get is all the sport and ceremony.

The second problem, which is a HUGE one but not so easily noticed are the tactics. Martial arts teach specific self defense (multiple or single attackers), armed and unarmed defense, a wrist grab or a shoulder grab. The list goes on and on and you are forced to react differently to specific situations. Further more methods that teach you to block a specific punch or kick ARE NOT COMBAT WORTHY!
Action is faster than reaction. If you have the time to determine whether the attack is a punch or a kick and then can tell your hand to move faster than a punch in progress then you're fighting one of the slowest fighters in the world or your name is Barry Allen. If you've ever been in a real fight, there is only one thing you want to do: end it as quickly as possible. Which brings us to the third problem...

There is no such thing as a second chance or "escalating force" once use of force has been determined. Every situation has the potential to be lethal it is up to you to control the situation as fast as possible and by whatever means needed. After you feel the threat is neutralized (the guy and his buddies are gone, you're gone or he's out for the count) you stop. No need for theatrics, just train to stop.

The problem with self defense, especially The Self Defense Training System?
It's not a pill, it's not a magic button, it's a simple solution that requires a little effort on your part. The attraction of the firearm is that it's the be all, end all. While it is a deterrent and an efficient means of personal protection it is jut another tool, no the be all end all. You still need to put your target down and a lot of time a firearm isn't enough. If you think you're going to plug in a dvd, read the manuals and make a few forum posts then go out and take on the world, well, this is not the program for you. But if you want to know what your best bet is when it comes to self defense, without all the bells and whistles of martial arts, the start the Self Defense Training System NOW before you really need it.


Pat Campbell, Morning talk show host who knows the deal when it comes to saving your bacon

Until next time, Train Honestly,
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Career Criminal Brought to Justice with The Self Defense Training System

Stephen Lee Wise Jr., the latest scumbag to be brought to justice by a Self Defense Training System member.

I just received this email and I had to blog about it.

Mr. Ross,
I recently had an experience that I would like to share with you.
Perhaps you could share it with your other students and give my any advice if this happens in the future.

I along with my partner who is approximately 5'5" and weighs approximately 160 pounds were recently was involved in an arrest of a violent subject and I used some of the techniques I learned from The Self Defense Company.

I am 5'7" and weigh about 213 pounds. The weather was bad, there was a steady rain and it had been raining all day so the ground was wet and slippery. The fight was on a sidewalk with grass and concrete on a very well traveled road. The bad guy was 6' tall, weighed between 280 and 300 pounds and under the influence of illegal drugs.To make a long story short I grabbed the bad guy to arrest him, he resisted and we fell to the ground with the bad guys body weight on top of me.

I found myself unable to get my legs wrapped tightly around his waist and put him in the guard and along with the rain and wet ground made it easy for the bad guy to break the hold. I immediately and don't really know how cause it happened so fast I managed to climb on the bad guys back and he easily threw me off his back. I don't know how I did it but I was able to get the bad guy on his stomach and I was able to wrap my legs around his waist, extend and lock out my legs on the ground forming a base while attempt to hold the bad guy down with my upper body weight till my back up arrived. The bad guy was able to get to his hands and knees several times but I was able to keep my body weight on him while on the ground. Then the bad guy attempted to remove my weapon from my holster and I immediately applied a choke hold from Module 3 of the Self Defense Training System. He did not get my gun.

To finish the story I was able to keep him on the ground with my feet firmly planted and applying my body weight from moves I learned from you and The Self Defense Training System and I want to say they along with my partner and never quit attitude kept me from getting seriously hurt. I only sustained a couple sore ribs and a lower back strain. The bad guy was also tased several times and that had no effect. Just the training I learned from The Self Defense Company and my sheer will, determination and heart kept me from getting seriously hurt.

I just wanted to say "Thank you",
Lawrence Bloomfield
Maryland, USA

Thanks Larry and I'm just glad you're safe.

Before I continue, I changed this person's name even though they gave me the green light. All this guy needs is some Defense Attorney googling his name and finding him talking about it on line. No sense in creating a situation that can easily be avoided.

I have two initial reactions to emails that I get from people who have saved themselves from serious harm or worse while using The Self Defense Training System. The first is, thank GOD this person is safe, the second is, I'm going to sell a lot of videos. Maybe not in that order, but you get my drift. Sorry, I'm honest to a fault sometimes and well- what's the point of putting up some bullshit facade. I love the fact that the good guys win and the bad guys get choked out. I love the fact that I earn a living enabling people to do this. NO, I am not a violent person, but I'll be damned if I know something that can help you and if you think the price is right, well we're good to go. If not, no hard feelings and I'll see ya when I see ya. Hell, everyone from Bruce Lee, Ed Parker to Billy Blanks sells what they think will work. I can only imagine Bruce's website if he were still alive today...oh wait, there is one and it gets about 20,000 visits per month.

Anyway, in this case, Larry was able to save his bacon (no pun intended) when the chips were down. For Law Enforcement defensive tactics pose a unique problem since since they have to detain someone. In the civilian world it's more "all or noting". You escape or you fight all out. Cops have had the rules ingrained in their brains for so long that when the shit does hit the fan, they don't react in the best interest of their own survival. Fortunately, we get to train them and one by one we're correcting that issue.

Larry actually wanted me to "Monday Morning Quarterback" what happened. My initial reaction was "Why?, you're alive, your partner's alive and the bad guy has a headache sitting in lock up?. But as we got into it, he really wanted to do it faster, better and safer next time so we talked a bit and squared away what he needed to work on.

Look, I'm just going to tell you this, when it's on, it's on and you've got to do whatever you can to end it as fast as you can. In this case, this scumbag was going for his gun. Thank God Larry was prepared.

If you want to READ the article of this incident GO HERE NOW

Until next time...Train Honestly,
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