Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad Guy Calls Cop's Bluff

The fantasy: A gun solves every self defense situation.
The reality: You can only use a gun if there is "justified use of deadly force".

Every scumbag criminal knows this and will not think twice about resisting or evading when guns are drawn.

In this video the cop pulls his firearm in hopes to scare the shit out of the bad guy. Bad guy knows the cop won't shoot. Bad guy resists and attacks the cop. Now the gun is a deadly liability. This cop is lucky that the criminal only wanted to distract him to escape and not put a severe hurting on him.

In a perfect world, if you resist with any use of force, the officer should have the right to shoot you. Hey, where I come from if the police tell you to freeze, you freeze. The poor cop is actually fighting the guy with one hand while he tries to holster his weapon.

It was later reported that the bad guy had a box cutter and some other paraphernalia, but nothing that couldn't be explained as a "tool" by even the worst public defender.

The department later said the the officer "acted correctly". In my opinion, the officer may have "acted correctly" but is a hell of a lot more lucky than good. This officer is lucky that this guy just didn't beat the living shit out of him, which he is probably regretting right now and the next time he's backed up against the wall, he's going to be damn sure he gets away.

Police Policy and use of force laws have literally sterilized law enforcement. The training and tactics taught are all but useless in the real world. A cops only chance is if he gets an instructor who has been in the real world and teaches "off the book." Seriously, if the officer in this situation did something that would render the bad guy unconscious from the get go, he would have been safe, the store manager would have been safe and the bad guy would have woken up in custody.

This is why the GUARDIAN DEFENSIVE TACTICS POLICE COMBATIVES has become so popular over the past year. Simply because it puts the good guys first and the scumbags second.

I'll say it again, this cop is lucky.

There is a full report on the incident HERE Police Combatives Training Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Martial Arts Training and Police Work

One of the greatest values of martial arts training is learning other people’s physical capabilities when “mixing it up.” Being taken off your feet by a Division I wrestler is an eye-opening experience. Being thrown to the ground eight straight times in various fashions by a guy who is 25 pounds lighter and a head shorter than you is indeed humbling. And rolling with a guy who used to play football on Sundays is just plain scary.

But all these experiences teach invaluable lessons to a Police Officer. First, it shows that going toe to toe with any adversary is a risky proposition. Just think how many people out there possess physical and athletic skills that you do not. Fighting fair in law enforcement is a true roll of the dice. Our job is not a contest of physical abilities. Our job is to win before the other guy even knew it was a fight.

Second, sizing up a bad guy by looks alone is a weak strategy. Assuming big guys can’t be fast and skinny guys can’t be strong is a huge mistake. One of my training partners defines the term “deceivingly strong.” Look at him and you would call him unremarkable. But when you roll with him, he is a beast. I know it is cliché, but underestimating your opponent will get you hurt. So, just hit everyone hard.

Next, it is almost impossible to get a non-compliant subject controlled without striking. Rolling live really exposes the shortcomings of pressure points and joint locks. Even most submissions are difficult to pull off and often compromise your position of dominance. Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement revolve around mindset and the ability to strike. Everything else (throws, ground fighting, cuffing) builds off of that foundation.

Last, fighting is tiring! Nothing tests your wind like trying to move a guy who doesn’t want to be moved. The fatigue factor is tremendous. Now throw in stress and adrenaline!! Studies show that Police Officers who are in excellent physical condition can hit the wall after two minutes in an altercation. You can’t respect your personal fatigue threshold until you have experienced it.

It surprises me how many Officers shy away from physical contact outside of work. The only way to truly prepare is to know (and roll with) who is out there. So get on the mat and have some fun!!!

Ed Kane

Ed is a Detective and Defensive Tactics instructor in New Jersey. He is also a Guardian Defensive Tactics Instructor for The SDC. Police Combatives Training Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Truth About Verbal Judo

Using nonviolent solutions for any conflict should be the goal of every citizen. Methods of verbal judo and other conflict management devices profess to give anyone who employs them the ability to disable any potential attacker with the use of negotiation and persuasion techniques designed to discourage even the most potentially violent offender. The downfall of these methods is that they not only imply, but claim that every day people can diffuse any situation. Imagine, a 110 pound soccer mom talking herself out of being raped by a 6'5", 285 pound sociopath. This notion is beyond fantasy to the point of irresponsible and down right dangerous for the person who thins that they can talk their way out of anything.

These guys can't wait to hear what you have to say!

The idea that you can resolve conflict without fighting or, better yet, not even knowing how to fight or protect yourself is what these methods imply. Kids are taught that bullying is wrong and that bullies can be handled in a nonviolent manner. Adults are lead to believe that they can talk their way out of any situation no matter how dangerous and violent the criminal is. We are all lead to believe that you can resolve conflict without having to resort to violence. In reality, this could not be farther from the truth.

All decisions you make are based on a risk reward decision. Every thing from what to eat for breakfast to what you do at work or who you're going to sleep with is based on risk reward. For example, catching an STD (sexually transmitted disease) doe not sound appealing, but if you were to catch that disease sleeping with Angelina Jolie...well, it just might be worth it.

Criminals operate on the same risk reward function. The criminal and bully risk three things:
The Three Things Every Criminal Fears
1. Being caught
2. Being identified
3. Being injured

The success of verbal judo is directly proportional to the chances of any one of these three things happening to the attacker.

Depending on the payoff or desperation, the criminal will allow a greater risk of these three things to happen. If a bully were to think he was going to get in trouble or get his ass kicked, he would simply move to the next target. The reason you are able to persuade anyone from robbing, raping, killing or bullying you is if you can convince them that one of those three things will happen to them if they chose you as a victim.

This only works if you are believable. The same holds true in the realm of international diplomacy. Do you really think the North Koreans wouldn't be marching in the streets of Seoul if the US wasn't in the mix? People get very diplomatic when they realize that there is a rel potential of physical harm. Like the saying goes, "I get a lot more with a kind word and a gun, than just a kind word."

Verbal judo skills are great for police because, well, they're cops, with guns and back up and jail and lawyers and lock up. What works well for a court appointed, heavily armed member of the law enforcement community might not go over so well for an unarmed housewife from Wichita.

In fact, the whole idea of verbal judo or anti-bullying techniques only works when the potential victim demonstrates to the aggressor that there is a greater chance of one of the 3 things every criminal fears.

Listen, no verbal judo is going to stop a career criminal taking what he wants if he doesn't think something is going to happen to him. The problem is you project your set of morals and ethics to a criminal or a bully. Do you think a junkie is worried about his quarterly review or his final exams? Do you think a bully cares that you're going to be scared?
The reason that criminals and bullies engage in such behavior is because there is something wrong with them. Something in their brain has misfired and caused them to engage in this deviant behavior. Accept the fact that they have abandoned all reasoning.

Deviants are like mean dogs. Normally, a socialized dog is something not to be feared, but a mean dog that has been either abused by Micheal Vick or feral, is something that should be corrected or destroyed. When you see the man dog you don't think to yourself "That looks like my dog at home, maybe if I give him a treat, or pet him, he'll be nice?"
Humans are the same way, most are good because they want to be or have to be, some can be corrected and others have to be destroyed. There is just no reasoning with them. Your first clue that something is wrong with them is that they engage in criminal behavior.

All of your powers of persuasion will only work if you can back it up. This comes from confidence which comes from experience. Experience comes from proper training, preparation and real life situations. The more your prepare, the more confidence you exude. Please don't confuse "confidence" with "bravado". confidence is something that is acquired over time, bravado is something that is manufactured and empty.

Listen. we're all animals at our core and you can't deny your instincts. You can tell when someone looks tough or gives you a "vibe" that they may be a problem. The more you train and the more real life experiences you have the more you become in tune to this. Criminals. living out on the street are very in tune with this. In the marketing for The Self Defense training System [url][/url] we use the saying "BE FEARED". And while to some this may have a bullying connotation, in the street it's all about sending a message to would be predators. We want them to fear you. It's an attitude that is required when dealing with a segment of society that has decided not to play by the rules. we're not talking about scaring friends, family members and co-workers (OK, maybe a little), we're talking about taking the power back. The power of fear.

Bad people don't understand reasoning, they understand fear. Don't sell me the "hooker with a heart of gold". Criminals will say and do anything in order to satisfy their deviant wants and desires. I have a few friends and acquaintances over the years who work in Special Victims Units and catch people trying to procure 8 year old girls for their sick, perverted needs. These sub-humans think they are talking to the father of the child in hopes of taking custody of the child so they can "raise them" like Elizabeth Smart or Jaycee Dugard. How do you think their moral compass works? Do you think these people have the same thoughts that you have?

You can study all the verbal judo and take all of the anti-bullying seminars you want, but it's not going to do you lick of good if you can't back up what your saying by increasing the potential of the 3 things ever criminal fears: Identified, Caught or Injured.

Diplomacy begins with building up your military forces not diplomats.

Until next time, Train Honestly,
Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Win $1000 from the Self Defense Company Contest Submissions!! (So far)

The following are the latest video submissions for the 2010 Where's Your Dojo contest!! The person who submits the winning video will receive $1000 from the Self Defense Company. We're going to crown the winner in January 2011.

For details on how you can get your gnarled hands on $1000 US go to the "Wheres Your Dojo" Contest Page HERE

This submission is from LtCol Darren Poesel of the USMC. He is training servicemen, woman and contractors with The Self Defense Training System in Kabul. At present, Darren in back in the sandbox again. God speed and come home safe Colonel.

This contest submission is from Vince Veloso training in the Self Defense Training System in New Jersey. Vince is a longtime martial artists and SDTS practitioner as well as a kick ass jazz musician.

This is Josef Prochazka from the Czech Republic. He's another longtime Self Defense Training System Practitioner who put together a small training group at his home.

Finally...a teaser from Gunther:

Gunther is a BIG fan of The Self Defense Training System. He lives on a farm in South Africa where he trains and speaks his mind....a lot (just look at his facebook posts on the SDC fan page). He's been with the SDTS for about a year and to tell the truth, between the simplicity and ease of use of the SDTS and the intensity and desire that Gunther trains with, it looks like he's been doing it for years. We should have his "official submission in a few days.


Voting will go like this, once all of the videos are in (the goal is 50 total or mid to late January) we will make an announcement to go to facebook and like your favorite videos. The one with the most likes at the end of a weeks time wins.

It's that simple.

If you think you can do better than what you see here, grab a camera (or even your phone) and put something together that's 1 to 4 minutes in length that demonstrates how you train and what the Self Defense Training System has done for you.

For Details go to the WHERES YOUR DOJO? Contest page HERE. The link is

I look forward to seeing your submission.
Until next time, Train Honestly,
Damian Ross, CEO The Self Defense Company Corporate Center World's Most Lethal Self Defense Police Combatives Training Keep Your Family Safe Turn Your Passion into Profits Self Defense for Everyone Free Resource Material
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