Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They can take away your right to bear arms, but not your right to bare hands!

In an effort to combat the recent administration’s attempts to further restrict gun ownership in the United States, gun owners are hoarding stock piles of ammunition and weapons. Personally, you can have all the guns you in the world; it still will no make a difference. Even if you were allowed to carry a gun in every state in the union it still won’t help you. Chances are you will be in a hand to hand confrontation because most conflicts and violent crimes on citizens and police involve no weapon at all. Statistically whether you’re in law enforcement or not, you have a better chance of getting killed in an earthquake or a flood than ever using a firearm to defend yourself.

According to the 2006 Use of Force by Police report less than less than 0.2% of all arrests involved drawing a weapon at all. That doesn’t include discharging the weapon. The overwhelming majority of incidences 98% involved no weapon at all. That means if you are really concerned for your safety and your family’s well being you need to seriously consider hand to hand combat training.

If guns are not the answer, how about martial arts?

Martial arts are not self defense. Martial arts are good for building self esteem, getting in shape and becoming part of a community. Martial arts have rules, etiquette and are not designed to severely injure your opponent (even though it may feel like that). Many martial artists don’t like to admit that the techniques they wasted years practicing didn’t work in the street. Fighting for your life is not sparring in the dojo.

Self defense is about what works: tactics and training, simple and effective.

Personally, I don’t carry a gun and I don’t need a gun. When I was legally allowed to carry a firearm as a professional bodyguard and security specialist I found it was more of a liability than an asset. Believe me; I think the world would be a little safer if everyone carried a firearm. Criminals’ biggest fear is going into a home where the homeowner has a firearm.

The reality is you will be in a situation where you’re forced to defend yourself. Unless you have your weapon in your hand, you will be forced to defend yourself with empty hand techniques.

I don’t need a gun. People who train in our program don’t need a gun. If you think a gun is all you need you will be dead wrong. I guarantee, if someone who trained in the Self Defense Training System were standing 7 feet from you and attacked you, you would not have a snowballs chance in Hades.

If you are going to hang your life, more importantly, the life of your family and friends, well good luck quick draw. Unless you’re walking around gun in hand you have a deadly problem.

Now if you trained in the Self Defense Training System and carried a firearm, you would be just that much more dangerous. Carry a firearm as part of your arsenal; don’t let it be your arsenal.


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fitness: A Simple Sloution For All Ages

My pediatrician is from the "old school" direct from Moscow. The reason we chose here is because of her holistic approach. Our kids have been on antibiotics twice in their 10 years of life (one is 4 and the other is 6). In our few conversations we always get to talking about lifestyle and fitness. One time she mentioned that families in Russia are starting to keep exercise apparatus in their homes. While this isn't unusual, what is unusual is where they keep it.

The latest trend is to keep the equipment where you live. In your living room or den. This way you just jump on the equipment (trampoline, gymnastic rings, low balance beam, pull up bar, etc.) whenever you get the urge. I though it interesting because it places a "matter of fact importance" on training rather than the ritualistic life style change we put on it normally.

We go to the gym, we go to the dojo. We have set side time and ritual for our bodies instead of letting exercise and health naturally into our lives, where we live.

This brought me to the following idea for my kids:basic fitness starts at home.

It doesn' t have to be difficult or hard, just exists. The following routine is to be done whenever you feel the urge. Post it around the house and just drop into it whenever you feel the urge.
Don't worry about sets, time or anything. Just do it.

This is a simple physical training circuit that we put together for kids ages 7 and up but it works for everyone. I do it.

The purpose was two fold. First, hit the core body strength and second to start instilling some good exercise habits. I should take them no more that 5 to 10 minutes. Form is better than quantity and they should be able to finish with little difficulty before moving to phase 2. Where we just change up the exercises.

PT for Kids ages 7 and up PHASE 1
20 Side Twists
5 Four-Count Forward and Back (Good Mornings)
100 Jumping Jacks
20 Judo (Hindu) Push Ups
30 Squats
40 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups

Whenever you feel the urge (post it next to the TV or computer).

Outside play for 20 minutes 2 to 3 times per week no matter what the weather.

Don't dread doing something you should naturally want to do. We are all physical beings. Our bodies WANT this.

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How to Use Craig's List Without Getting Murdered

You can't be sure. The free and open exchange of well meaning people has allowed the social misfits and predators access to well meaning people just trying to get rid of some of that clutter.

This time of year, spring cleaning has increased the volume on well meaning (ill fated) Craigslist.

How can you tell the difference between a legitimate buyer or evil doer?

Then what happens when something goes wrong with your sale of the $30 lawn mower? Next thing you know you have some nut job with your home address contacting you every time the cock you sold him runs fast?

In a nutshell, its extremely difficult, but you can do a few things to insulate yourself from the dangers of unloading the stuff you haven't looked at in years.

First, use a spam address. Set up an email account on hotmail, yahoo or google. This will allow you to operate freely over the net with limited exposure.

Next filter the freaks. Create your ad and put in "all sales are final" or "as is" condition will eliminate some of the BS. What you don't want is someone starting mechanical work in your driveway. Put plenty of pictures and be honest. If the snow blower has a problem or hasn't run in years, say it, but reflect it in the price. Don't expect to get top dollar for a DVD player that has sat in you closet since 1998.

Set up the meet. Say, "I have the item stored at my friend's house. We should be OK for pick up during a definite time." Tell them you can meet them there. Don't use terms like "anytime is fine." This suggests that you do live there. If you are selling mice stuff, they may want to take a look at what else you have in your garage. Have the item out and ready to go. Don't take them into the house or garage unless you are willing to lose some more valuable possessions.

Commonsense dictates you should not be alone or with children. Have another adult and leave the kids inside. The more people the less they will want to harm you.

Don't let them in your home. If its your friend's house just say it's not my home. People will be creative, but if they have to use the bathroom, direct them to the nearest restaurant. This should speed the transaction up a bit.

Hold your ground and ignore persistent requests. Any suspicious activity call the police. If several people show up to pick up a toaster...you may want to keep the phone handy.

From the other end, if an offer is too good to be true, don't go alone, tell people who, what, where and why. Keep your cell phone handy and have someone on stand-by.

Remember, any excuse to get you alone for any reason. items skewed towards women or women selling product are targets. Be paranoid and move forward with caution.

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The Gamble on Crime

In two weeks the Sands Casino Hotel will open in Bethlehem, PA. Bethlehem holds a place in my heart, it is the home of my alma mater Lehigh University.

While experts have produced a study that states there will be no significant change in crime associated with the Casino, history tells a different story.

The study for the Bethlehem Casino was conducted by G. Patrick Gallagher, president of a consulting group that reviews police department policies, surveyed eight police departments across the country who respond to calls from slots casinos. Gallagher included Bensalem Township police, which covers the Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack in Bucks County.

(Source: The Morning Call http://www.mcall.com/news/local/all-a1_4casinocops.6887123may11,0,6734214.story.

The major problem I see with the study is that it doesn't take into consideration the preexisting conditions.

In the late 80's I worked security and worked in the Alcohol and Beverage Industry in a Beer Distributor. After the collapse of Bethlehem Steel, the area became extremely depressed. The only economy was from the 8 colleges in the area who used to educate the engineers for the steel company. Crime, drugs and unemployment were everywhere. It was a rough spot and over recent years has gotten progressively worse.

In the study, it sites a Racetrack and Casino in Bucks County PA. A rural and sedate community far from any major city.

Las Vegas is another "success." Economically anyway. In the middle of the desert, crime is somewhat contained. Most people visiting Las Vegas and Bucks County are not day trippers. Spending the night in the resorts brings a higher class of client.

In 1976 Atlantic City, a previously depressed area like Bethlehem, looked to Vegas as the model for success. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Close proximity to Philadelphia and New York have created a destination for all criminals types. Atlantic City now enjoys a violent crime rate that is 2.57 time the national average and a larceny and theft rate that is almost 3.5 time the national average.

Bethlehem is almost the same distance from New York and Philadelphia.

What will happen to my alma mater? You can only guess that the sheltered college kids are going to venture in the casino and become fodder for the predators. Sure a kid will lose his shirt at the tables...only if he's lucky.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Family Safe Program

Is Your Family Safe?

Dropping junior off at karate class does not guarantee his safety. In fact, in most cases it only creates false confidence in your child's ability to protect his or herself.

Self defense is not martial arts. Martial arts are great for building self esteem, getting in shape and learning to overcome obstacles. Self defense is self preservation. Self preservation depends on three key elements: Plan, Decide and ACT!

In the Family Safe Program kids are given a specific set of rules to follow and a specific course of action. Children (and parents) are given a GO- NO GO set of instructions.

The course also creates communication between parents and children regarding these types of situations. No drama, no sugar coating, just the facts.

The hour long program is part lecture and part drills. Kids learn to escape and evade much larger predators while they work their way through the obstacle course!

The product is due to release in June 2009.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Mujaheddin REAL hero, play around with The Self Defense Training System

While visiting one of the CounterNarcotic Police Headquartesrs in Norhthern Afghanistan I was able to give an impromptu class on Self Defense. The Afghan I was working with was a former Mujaheddin Col who fought against the Soviets. Though small in stature, this man commanded respect from those around him. Wounded four different times in action against the Soviets, this was one warrior I was thankful was on my side.


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Woman Takes Matters into Her Own Hand

Article written by Mike Ryoko of the Chicago Tribune in 1990 (submitted by LtCol Darren Poesel)

One Time At Band Camp...

High School Girl Defeats Two Attackers with Baton (twirling that is)

Article Credit to Jay Jorgenson

April 24th, 2009 QUARTZ HILL, Calif. (AP) — Don't mess with the marching band. That's what California authorities are saying after a 17-year-old girl used her marching band baton to beat back two would-be muggers.

Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Michael Rust says the Quartz Hill girl was walking to school April 24 when two men approached her from behind, tried to grab her coat and demanded money.

Instead, one got a punch in the nose and the other a kick to the groin. Rust says the girl then beat both of them with her band baton before she ran away.

The men had not been caught. But Rust says there's a clear message to take from the encounter:

"The moral to this story is don't mess with the marching band girls, or you just might get what you deserve. Final score: marching band 2, thugs 0."

Information from: Antelope Valley Press, http://www.avpress.com

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Self Defense Myth Busting

Just the facts. The following is backed by scientific study, NOT dojo hyperbole.

The Truth About The Statistics We Hear...

The image on the left is NOT a real fight.

Myth 1: 90% of fights go to the ground
This is the "statistic" heard from every ground fighter and grappler. The truth is IT IS UNTRUE.

The "fact" comes from The Use Of Force Study of the LAPD by Retired Sgt John Sommers. His study looked at 6000 use of force reports. He presetned this study at the ASLET conference. He used this study he developed a defensive tactics program for the LAPD. The report found that 60% of the time the arresting officer was knocked to the ground. Given arresting situations where multiple officers are involved and there is a lot of pushing and shoving, there is a high probability of tripping and falling.

Some other points to know:
1. The study didn't involve fights, only use of force. This is when the officer must use force or a display of force. This includes pushing and shoving to drawing your weapon.

2. The study was conducted on police officers NOT citizens.

To quote Sergeant John Sommers, (who worked with martial artists like the Gracies, the Machados, and Benny Urquidez) "I don't ever recommend you go to the ground." The very author of the study and designer of the training program thinks going to the ground is a very bad idea.

Check out http://www.providencecombatives.com/8197/ to get more details

Just the FACTS please:
According to the Department of Justice and the FBI Crime Reports from 1973 to 2006 (http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/cvict_v.htm)

*Men are victimized at rates 22% higher than women
*Men are more likely to be victimized by a stranger
*Most homicide victims 35% are under the age of 35. 11% are under the age of 18.
*In 26% (more than 1 in 4) of the violent crimes committed, a weapon was present.
*Homicides are often committed with weapons. 65% with firearms, 13% with knives, 6% with blunt objects and 16% with other weapons.

*Women are more likely to be victimized by someone they know
*A woman who fights back gains an 86% chance avoiding the rape and incurs little chance of additional injury.
*Most injuries occur BEFORE a woman fights back
*Women using knives or guns in self defense were raped less than 1% of the time (Kleck and Sayles study, 1990)

From the Police Use of Force Study by the Department of Justice
the study focused on 7,512 adult custody arrests in 1996.
*80% of in which police used force involved WEAPONLESS TACTICS
Grabbing was the tactic uses 50% of the time (we could conclude that STRIKING was the other 50%)
*2.1% of all arrests involved use of weapons of any kind
*1.2% of all arrests used chemical agents, like pepper spray
*0.7% of all arrests involved other weapons (batons, flashlight, etc.)
*5% of all use of force involved a weapon. Baton, Pepper Spray or Firearm
*0.2% involved a firearm.

That means for every 500 arrests that involve use of force you will get into
400 hand to hand confrontations (200 roll-arounds, 200 beat downs)
6 times you will have to use the "juice" (Pepper spray)
3.5 times you will have to "crack heads" with your baton
1 time you will have to use your firearm.

Will you be involved in 500 use of force arrests? Probably not. I know you go to the range and take your "certification" classes, but are your making close quarters, hand to hand combat part of your life?

Statistics don't lie. You are going to have to fight to survive. Citizens and Police alike must assume your target is armed, dangerous and yo will have to use unarmed use of force to get home safely.

Don't ever let the FACTS confuse your BELIEFS. This is not martial arts propaganda.

Scientific study, not randomly spouted statistics are what I hand my hat on...how about you?

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