Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fight like a Spartan: 7 techniques is all you need

Fight like a Spartan: 7 techniques is all you need

In last episode of Deadliest Warrior on the History Channel "Spartan vs. Ninja". The Spartan weapons expert, a former Green Beret said that one of the advantages of the Spartan was that he really only had 4 weapons. Each weapon was designed with a specific purpose. This gave the Spartan a distinct advantage over the Ninja because he didn't hesitate trying to figure out which weapon to use. He knew that in specific situations he had only one choice. He learned how to apply his weapon to any situation. This is the same for self defense.

When you're life is in danger, just like the spartan, you don't have time to search or hesitate. Just like the Spartan, you need to be aggressive and effective instantly.
Like the Ninja, martial arts and combat sports fill you're head with hundreds of techniques. While in practice you may be able to perform these techniques with wiling partners, in the real world you simply will not have the time to react.

Below is the list of the first 7 techniques you will learn in the self defense training system:

Edge of hand
Heel of hand
Hammer fist
Foot Stomp
Driving knee
Low Front kick
Low Side kick

That's it. These are techniques that are simple, don't require a lot of time to master and make use of your core strength (they are also the ones that have been proven to work in the shortest amount of time).

Combined with the right tactics and training program, these techniques will be the mainstay of your arsenal. No fancy movements or scientific mumbo-jumbo, just what works.

don't get sucked into the martial arts myth that you need a lot of technique or a lot of time in training to defend yourself.

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blog said...

I would add grabbing/gouging. Whether it's a thumb in the eye socket, or a trachea grab, or even the dreaded "start the lawnmower" (grab the groin, twist and pull), they offer some extremely effective techniques that can disable an attacker and work whether your standing or grappling on the ground.

Damian Ross said...

Agreed, but I was just making the point of not needing a ton of techniques to do what you need to do. Also 7 sounds better than 10 :).

Aaron Verive said...

True its good to hear someone who has a decent point of view. Too many people get sucked in to thinking that you have to be a shaolin monk who knows how to fight like 16 different animals and has about 7000 techniques.Combat is not an art. It is fast paced dynamic action where all those garbage techniques would be your downfall as your trying to figure like what animal to fight like. we're humans not animals. fight like a human. Thanks for the post.

Damian Ross said...

People confuse martial arts, sports with self defense. Martial artists get VERY mad when I tell them I can prepare anyone in 90 days if they are willing.

They just don't get that simple fact: "It is a fast paced dynamic action."
You have to adapt. You can only do that with a minimum of technique.

Great response.

TheNiceman said...

Spot on.Used with speed and power, they are short sharp and effective and ideal for real conflicts where there are no rules (sorry Officer) referees or predetermined battlegrounds. I like the heel of the hand strike as you can act all innocent and pass it off as a push rather than a punch or kick.Mo Teague martial artist,ex-covert ops and doorman uses these magnificent 7 with elbow strikes for good measure. And the bonus is you dont break your hands!

Nobody said...

Well, the bottom line for me is it isn't about playing chess at 90 mph. Whoever has attacked me may be capable of amazing things, and may be able to do serious damage to me. I don't care how good he is, and I don't want to find out either. The fewer tools in an arsenal the better, less time to figure out which hammer to use. :) That's my opinion, and if 7 gets you there, then the hell with everything else. My experience has shown, the fewer techinques the better, and better you are spot on with your targets the better able you will be able to wreck the human body when you need to. Damian has a good program. Keep it simple stupid. Works good for just about everything in life. Good blog, thank you.