Saturday, December 11, 2010

Win $1000 from the Self Defense Company Contest Submissions!! (So far)

The following are the latest video submissions for the 2010 Where's Your Dojo contest!! The person who submits the winning video will receive $1000 from the Self Defense Company. We're going to crown the winner in January 2011.

For details on how you can get your gnarled hands on $1000 US go to the "Wheres Your Dojo" Contest Page HERE

This submission is from LtCol Darren Poesel of the USMC. He is training servicemen, woman and contractors with The Self Defense Training System in Kabul. At present, Darren in back in the sandbox again. God speed and come home safe Colonel.

This contest submission is from Vince Veloso training in the Self Defense Training System in New Jersey. Vince is a longtime martial artists and SDTS practitioner as well as a kick ass jazz musician.

This is Josef Prochazka from the Czech Republic. He's another longtime Self Defense Training System Practitioner who put together a small training group at his home.

Finally...a teaser from Gunther:

Gunther is a BIG fan of The Self Defense Training System. He lives on a farm in South Africa where he trains and speaks his mind....a lot (just look at his facebook posts on the SDC fan page). He's been with the SDTS for about a year and to tell the truth, between the simplicity and ease of use of the SDTS and the intensity and desire that Gunther trains with, it looks like he's been doing it for years. We should have his "official submission in a few days.


Voting will go like this, once all of the videos are in (the goal is 50 total or mid to late January) we will make an announcement to go to facebook and like your favorite videos. The one with the most likes at the end of a weeks time wins.

It's that simple.

If you think you can do better than what you see here, grab a camera (or even your phone) and put something together that's 1 to 4 minutes in length that demonstrates how you train and what the Self Defense Training System has done for you.

For Details go to the WHERES YOUR DOJO? Contest page HERE. The link is

I look forward to seeing your submission.
Until next time, Train Honestly,
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